How it all Started...

Char, is an Atlanta-based artist whose pure intent is to provide a creative platform driven to create one of a kind art pieces that resonate with likeminded collectors and admirers.

When asked where her drive and inspiration came from she responded:

“When I create, I simply let my mind run free.....I allow my hands to guide the brushes or tools of choice along each matrix (surface)”.

Spoken like a true artist. No true end or beginning; just an idea, a vision and endless opportunity at her fingertips.

Her passion for art found its way into her life at a young age. As an adult, she grew to appreciate the beauty of what art truly was and the impact it could have in a person's life.

“I see beauty in color and I see art in different forms." , she explains.

This ingenious Bronx native has a distinctive style that has been compared to abstract pop and surrealism artists alike .

Char's desire to grow within the creative comunity allows her mind to remain receptive to alternative styles and expressions.

She is also pleased to announce that the Charco Art brand will be adding epoxy counter top designs, and minor renovations work to her services portfolio. She is excited to provide this personalized index of artistry to your home.

Stay Tuned for more !!

“I'm enjoying this journey of life, and creating as I go along."